Wastewater and sewage treatment


We are constantly engaged both in the public sector and in a wide variety of industry sectors, where we have accumulated significant experience in the treatment of primary water, civil and industrial wastewater, for which we offer various consulting services:

Feasibility study

  1. wastewater characterisation with laboratory sample analysis
  2. analysis of analytical parameters and comparison of different technologies: cost balance, theoretical performance and choice of the most suitable technology
  3. tests on proprietary pilot plants

Basic and executive design

  1. drafting of basic design
  2. development of detailed engineering
  3. assistance in obtaining technical and economic offers with technical alignment
  4. work management and plant start-up
  5. safety coordination in the implementation phase


The constant application of state-of-the-art technologies has enabled us to consolidate our experience in the study and design of dispersed biomass aerobic biological processes (classic activated sludge), fluidised bed (MBBR) or membrane (MBR), anaerobic processes/reactors oxidative treatments (Fenton, ozone, monopersulphuric acid), flotation treatments, chemical flocculation, sludge dewatering and drying, ammonia stripping, ozone decolourisation, removal of nitrogen, phosphorus, surfactants, phenols and fluorides.
Our activities also extend to the treatment of supply water (VOC removal with charcoal, softening, demineralisation, disinfection and dechlorination) and first and second rain water (feasibility studies, verifications, calculations and sizing of separation and treatment systems).

Pilot plants

Where required, we can integrate engineering activities by means of purification tests by means of:

  1. laboratory scale with configurable plant with a capacity of 1 – 5 l/h
  2. pilot scale with configurable plant with a capacity of 100 – 500 l/h
Public sector

For the public sector, in addition to design, we also provide a one-stop service for works management and safety coordination during work execution

Private sector

For the private sector, on the other hand, we can complete the service with the supply and installation of the plant. 


Sewage treatment plants

Preliminary design of waste water treatment plants, for textile plant, with 70% water recovery.

Textile industry

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Preliminary, definitive, executive design and construction management for the revamping of the consortium purification plant.

Integrated water service manager

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