Anaerobic treatment

Anaerobic wastewater treatment technologies use bacteria to digest organic matter in wastewater. The technology is called anaerobic because these bacteria do not need oxygen. Anaerobic treatment applies well to wastewater with a high COD content, a significant biodegradable fraction and no toxic substances at the treatment type.

UASB Technology

UASB (Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket) technology uses granular bacteria in a non-agitated digester and is applicable in different configurations, for the treatment of: 

– low and medium pollutant load wastewater, with moderate TSS (Total Suspended Solids) and absence of FOG

– medium and high pollutant load wastewater, with high amounts of TSS and traces of FOG

– low and medium pollutant load wastewater, with low TSS and strict space limits.

Other technologies 

When UASB technology is not sufficient, e.g. for saline wastewater, water with a high-FOG content or harmful chemicals, which induce flotation inside the reactors, alternative solutions are used:

– A reactor incorporating a mechanical mixing system, equipped with a separate Dissolved Biogas Flotation (DBF) module. This reactor is suitable for the treatment of wastewater rich in salts, FOG and wastewater containing a lot of proteins or fibres.

– An anaerobic filter reactor, which contains a plastic support material for the biomass, whereby an optimal environment is created inside the reactor for treating wastewater from the chemical industry containing a low amount of suspended solids.

– A mixed reactor, where good mechanical mixing allows for better treatment of concentrated wastewater, as well as sludge and slurries with a high oil and fat content.

All of the listed anaerobic solutions combine the advantage of maximum COD conversion to biogas with low operating costs, low sludge production, reduced space requirements and good resistance to wastewater variations in loading and concentration.

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Supply and installation of anaerobic water treatment plant with UASB type reactor, with subsequent biological oxidation section and chemical-physical pre-treatment for the separation of suspended solids and aluminum (by flotation). The system purifies the residual organic substance contained in the wastewater deriving from the pectin extraction activities such as stillage and mother liquors and guarantees a fair production of biogas.

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