Ozone treatment

Ozone treatment finds application in the field of disinfection of drinking water, both for its rapid capacity to destroy bacteria, but above all for its great effectiveness against viruses, as well as for its capacity to decolourise and eliminate unpleasant odours and tastes. 

Ozone is an allotropic form of oxygen: a highly unstable gas which, once produced, breaks down into oxygen in molecular form and then performs an effective action of breaking down many complex organic molecules into simpler ones. 

How does it work? Due to its unstable form, ozone is produced on-site by passing air through special ozone generators and the ozone-enriched air mixture is then blown into the sewage to be treated. With regard to the disinfection of drinking water, ozone processes are characterised by greater virucidal capacity, reduced production of secondary reaction compounds hazardous to health, reduced contact times and therefore no large contact tanks, no residues harmful to aquatic life and effective decolourisation action.

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Supply and installation of a final purification plant with Ozone consisting of a generator, contact circuit with coils and degassing tank. The system made it possible to guarantee the ongoing discharge of surface water with greater peace of mind, as the discharge was always slightly below the legal limits.

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