Wastewater treatment tests

Wastewater from a production activity is normally different, as it depends on various factors such as the sector it belongs to, the size of the company, production procedures, cleaning procedures, use of raw materials that differ from sector to sector, etc… This is combined with the different company objectives such as discharge into surface water courses or public sewers or external disposal, internal or external management of sewage sludge with possible drying or incineration, preference for low management costs with high initial investment or vice versa, etc… For this reason, whenever possible we provide treatment and feasibility tests for purification on a laboratory scale and subsequently with a pilot plant.  In some cases, we can test treatment on an industrial scale with the group’s purifier (www.eurod.it)


The pilot plant is used to test the abatement yields of wastewater purification processes for a wide variety of industrial applications. The plant consists of:

1. A tank that can be used for chemical-physical treatment, pH adjustment or nutrient dosing or other purposes

2. An oxygenation tank equipped with fine bubble membranes. Alternatively, other types of oxygenators can be installed (tubular, ejectors, etc.)

3. A circular settling tank

4. An ultrafiltration section with hollow-fibre (spaghetti) membranes

5. A final tank for water collection and discharge.

The plant is complete with all accessories for control and operation (pumps, actuated valves, instrumentation, electrical panel, etc.).



Treatment tests first on a laboratory scale and then with a pilot plant at the plant. The study tested the feasibility of removing the most critical pollutants (suspended solids and zinc) contained in the wastewater deriving from the production of rubber of natural origin. Treatment system provided upstream of a second biological stage

Chemical sector

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