Chemical-physical purification plants are used for the removal of pollutants that are generally poorly biodegradable, such as phosphoric nutrients, surfactants, phenols, etc. The treatment takes place through the addition of specific additives, under particular pH conditions, which react with the pollutants, rendering them insoluble and favouring their removal through coagulation, precipitation or neutralisation. As with traditional biological plants, we aim to provide optimal solutions from a technical and operational point of view, guaranteeing the removal of pollutants with limited investment.

A classic chemical-physical plant consists of the following treatment steps: 

– insolubilisation of metallic salts in a basic or acid environment 

– flocculation



-final filtration

-dewatering and sludge disposal

In the first phase, the salts present in the dissolved form are made insoluble, generally turning them into hydroxides. The subsequent dosing of the reagents favours the flocculation of the suspended particles, favouring the formation of flocs; a polyelectrolyte can be added for better sedimentation. The final separation section aims to clarify the water by separating the sludge, which settles at the bottom of the decanter, from the purified water. The latter are sent to a neutralisation section and final refinement treatments with tertiary treatments, while the collected sludge is sent to a dedicated treatment.

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New chemical-physical treatment section, consisting of reaction and reagent storage tanks. The system is used for the treatment of non-homogeneous wastewater (treatment of liquid waste for third parties).

Waste sector

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New sludge separation section for the chemical-physical treatment section, built by a rectangular settler, designed specifically for the application in question and equipped with a system for reducing and removing surface foams.

Waste sector

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Design, supply and construction management of a chemical-physical wastewater treatment plant (rich in fluorides) deriving from the glass processing / acid etching processes, with particular attention to the maximum possible reuse of the equipment / technologies already existing in the field. New stations and control units for the preparation and dosing of chemicals. Optimization of the existing sludge treatment unit with the addition of a final “bag” filtration system. General consultancy for the revamping and management of the biological section of the plant aimed at removing nitrogen compounds (ammonia) from wastewater destined for discharge into surface waters.

Glass sector

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