Pectin extraction technology

Pectin is an ingredient codified by European legislation as E440a (high methoxyl pectin and conventional low methoxyl pectin) and E440b (starch pectin), it is a well-accepted additive by consumers as most of them know its sources (fruit) and it is considered as a natural product also suitable for the production of organic products. Among the gelatinisers/stabilisers, it is the additive that has, as mentioned, been steadily increasing in consumption (5-8% per year) for more than a decade. 


It is safe to say that pectin originated in Europe and even today, the main pectin producers are all based in northern Europe (Denmark, Germany and the USA). For reasons of raw material availability, they have also opened production units in Mexico and Brazil. It should also be mentioned that the absence of lemon peel drying plants in southern Europe prevents their full use. Some of the world’s leading producers are listed below: 

Cargill Texturizing Solutions – Belgium
PKelko – USA
DuPont Danisco – USA
Naturex – Switzerland
Yantai Andre Pectin – China
Silvateam – Italy


We have developed our pectin extraction technology as our staff includes engineers and technicians who have worked in pectin extraction plants (both design/construction and operation) and have significant experience in detailed engineering projects and turnkey plant supply.

Pectate extraction sequence

1. Precipitation of pectate

2. Pressing

3. Pressed Pectate

4. Pressed Pectate Close-up


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