Thermal Oxidisers

Regenerative thermal oxidisers

Regenerative thermal oxidisers combine the heat recovery system with the regenerative process in the combustion chamber and can be equipped with two or more internally insulated columns containing ceramic materials expressly selected according to the design parameters. 

Before entering the oxidation chamber, where in the presence of oxygen the ignition temperature of over 750  C is reached, the polluted air is fed into the recovery chamber to be pre-heated through the ceramic bed. In the combustion chamber, the process of oxidation and neutralisation of organic compounds takes place. Once the purification process is complete, the air heats a second bed, allowing heat recovery to always exceed 90%.

Applicability of the technology

The oxidation reaction with the air of pollutants transforms them into CO2 and H2O. The gaseous mixture can be inside or outside the flammable range, affecting both the self-sustaining potential of the flame and the propagation of explosions. Three different situations can arise, depending on the concentration of the pollutant to be removed, typically VOC (Volatile Organic Carbon):

If the concentration is lower than the LEL, the flame will not support itself and it is necessary to use methane when the concentration becomes very low and the process becomes uneconomical. If the concentration is close to the flammability limit, it is preferable to reduce it by diluting it with air to avoid explosion hazards on the supply line.

If the concentration of the organic is within the flammability range, the operation is economical and flame and explosion suppression precautions must be taken in the inlet manifolds.

If the concentration is greater than HEL, dilution with air must be carried out, flame and explosion suppression devices must be provided in the inlet manifolds, and the system must be designed with special attention to leakage and infiltration to and from the combustible gas.

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Supply and installation of a treatment plant for gaseous emissions from ovens, for the production of animal feed, for a flow rate of approximately 18,500 Nm3/h. The purification is exclusively aimed at reducing the olfactory nuisances generated by the production process. The plant consists of a three-chamber regenerative thermo-combustor

Food industry

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Supply and installation of a two-chamber regenerative incineration plant for the treatment of emissions into the atmosphere from two drying ovens and two sintering ovens for Teflon products

Rubber sector

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