Cyclones and Jet Venturi

Thanks to our experience in the field of emission treatment, we install Cyclone and Jet-Venturi plants.


Cyclones are used to abate dust with a specific weight above 300 kg/m3 and with fairly coarse particles (above 10 µm) and present in the air in fairly high concentrations (above 1 g/m3). Cyclones can have abatement efficiencies of between 85 and 95%. Among the most significant advantages of cyclones are their low pressure drop, exemption from maintenance costs and low operating and installation costs.

Abatement efficiencies drop dramatically as the concentration, specific gravity and particle size decrease. 

Jet Venturi

The Jet Venturi is a reliable device designed to treat large volumes of gas without the use of diaphragms or moving parts. The scrubbing fluid (water) is fed into a concave cone using spray nozzles, creating a current that draws gases and vapours into the moving stream, where pollutant particles are continuously absorbed and removed. The mechanism uses the flow of gas and liquid through a convergent-divergent duct. The gas becomes saturated with vapour in the convergent, where the pressure gradually decreases. In the divergent zone, where the pressure increases, condensation of water vapour on the dust nuclei occurs. This phenomenon increases the mass of the particles and facilitates their capture.

The washing water accumulated in the tank below the Jet Venturi is recirculated via a centrifugal pump. A purge keeps the concentration of pollutants in the water low. When the Jet Venturi is combined with a wet electrofilter, it performs the preventive dual function of cooling the fumes and breaking down the coarser particles. For this reason, lower water flow rates and pressures are usually used, which guarantee low energy costs and allow the removal of particles larger than 20 microns.

Washing towers

We use technologies with liquid droplets in motion relative to gas to capture coarse particles in a gaseous flow. Our principle is based on inertial impact and interception, as well as the incorporation of particles into the droplets. The operation of sprinkler scrubbers (or spray towers) is simple: liquid droplets are produced by sprayers and descend by gravity through the rising gas in a tower until they collect at the bottom. Capture efficiency increases as the size of the droplets used decreases, so it is important to choose the right sprayer to use to produce the spray.

Our sprinkler scrubbers can be equipped with an inertial droplet separator at the head of the tower, which prevents the finer droplets from being dragged along with the dedusted gases. The scrubbers can be distributed either on the horizontal section or in different stages arranged at various heights of the tower. The washing water accumulated in the tank below the scrubber is recirculated to the head via a centrifugal pump. A purge keeps the concentration of pollutants in the water limited.

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Equi-current water washer for the abatement of the coarser particulates (> 1,000 mg / Nm3) and water-soluble substances, as well as for the saturation of the fumes before the subsequent treatment stages.

Distillery Sector

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Dry cyclone battery for the abatement of the coarser particulate matter coming from the drying of biomass (> 1,000 mg / Nm3)

Sansificio sector

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